May 25, 2016

Alliance to Halt Fermi 3 - free showing of The Future of Energy

Alliance to Halt Fermi 3

invites you to attend a free showing of

The Future of Energy

Bedford Public Library
8575 Jackman Rd
Temperance, MI

Wed May 25 from 6-8pm

There will be a Q&A afterward.

Please bring your friends! This dynamic film shows the promise of 100% clean, safe, renewable energy TODAY...there are examples of communities around the USA who are making this happen in their own backyards.

Together We Can Erase Nuclear Power From Our Future!

May 18, 2016

Join Flint residents in Lansing on May 19th and tell our elected officials to pay to fix Flint!

In the next few weeks, legislators in Lansing will decide how much money will be allocated to Flint to address the water crisis. They will decide whether emergency supplemental funds should be moved to Flint now or not. They will decide how much money our children deserve for education and nutrition. They will decide whether the State of Michigan will help Flint residents have a healthy and safe future. But far too many of them think the "Flint issue" has blown over. 

We know it has not. For over two years Flint residents have had tainted water flowing through our taps. There’s no clear timeline for when we'll be able to safely use the water.

Mothers were told the water was safe to drink for the kids. There have been incidents of seizures, miscarriages, cognitive and behavioral problems, all for drinking water we were told was safe. 

People are still reporting skin rashes and hair loss when they wash their hands in the water or bathe. People have to wake up every day and figure out how they are going to drink, cook, and bathe often with bottled water. No one should have to go through this simply to have safe water. 

Our elected leaders must step up to fix this problem. They need to hear from us! Join Flint residents in Lansing on Thursday, May 19th to have our voices heard. 

People across the state are joining us to tell the legislature to fix Flint! We've received over 5,000 support letters from voters in over 40 districts in Michigan telling their representative to pay up to fix Flint! 

Agenda, Thursday May 19th 

7:45am: Flint car pool from the old K-Mart on Miller Rd and S. Ballenger Hwy in Flint. 

9:00am: Meet at Clean Water Action offices (2722 E Michigan Ave Suite 201, Lansing MI 48912) for breakfast and lobby visit preparation.

10:00am: Visit legislators offices to deliver support letters from voters in their district and tell them the real story of what the water crisis is like in Flint.

Noon: Press conference and rally on the Capitol lawn with Flint residents.

1:00pm: Prayer vigil for Flint in the Capitol Rotunda 

2:00pm: Head back to Flint. 

We need solidarity from across the state, so please join Flint residents in Lansing on May 19th and tell our elected officials to pay to fix Flint!  

Feb 27, 2016

Demand Clean Power Now!

First they poison the water. Next is the air.
The failures of Governor Snyder and the state government  to protect Flint residents from the poisoning of their drinking water have been well documented.
After systematically deconstructing local government, which allowed the poisoning of Flint's drinking water, Governor Snyder's next priority is to allow corporate polluters to continue releasing toxins into our air.
Despite promising to go forward with a Michigan plan that would comply with the EPA's Clean Power Plan, Gov. Snyder has backed down from that commitment. Last week, he announced that Michigan would no longer develop rules for power production that would save lives, curb air pollution, and help Michigan become a leader in the new clean energy economy.

3 Ways to Take Action
1. Join us for a phone bank Friday, Feb. 26th at 12:00pm at the Detroit MU Office (4405 Wesson St., Detroit). We will be helping Michigan residents get their voices heard on this issue. Please contact Dorthea ( with questions.
2. Contact Gov. Snyder yourself to let him know Michigan should be putting its people and environment ahead of corporate interests. Click hereto find out how.
3. Join us at our rally in Lansing on Monday, Feb. 29thThe rally was supposed to be today, but was rescheduled due to the snow storm. Click hereto register and for more information.
"Demand Clean Power Now!" Rally Rescheduled
We had planned a rally on the steps of the state Capitol building to keep pressure on Gov. Snyder to go forward with the CPP. Unfortunately, the rally had to be postponed due to the weather has closing many state buildings and making travel hazardous.
The rally has been rescheduled for Monday, Feb. 29th. 
Click here to join us and for more information.

Tell Gov. Snyder: Climate Can't Wait!
Click here to call and/or email Gov. Snyder demanding that he protects public health and begins to address the continued poisoning of his state.
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Jan 29, 2016

A Message from Sierra Club on the Flint Water Crisis

The man-made drinking water crisis in Flint has made international headlines. For more than a year, state officials -- from Gov. Snyder to his appointed Flint emergency managers to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality -- exposed an entire city to the risk of lead poisoning in their drinking water. It's a public health catastrophe with long-lasting consequences for the children under the age of six in Flint who will suffer neurological damage for the rest of their lives.

Sierra Club has been working to help the people of Flint but we need to do more.  Another organization doing good work in the city is the Genesee County Hispanic/Latino Collaborativewhich is focusing on Flint's immigrant community, making sure that undocumented people have access to clean water, filters, and information. But they need financial support and volunteers.  If you can make a donation or a commitment of time, please consider contacting them today and offering them your support.

In the midst of this catastrophe, Sierra Club Michigan Chapter has been working to help in these ways:

  • We oppose charging Flint residents for poisoned water, so we are keeping pressure on Gov. Snyder. The state--not Flint residents--should be paying for water poisoned by actions of the state.
  • We are working with EPA Region 5 Acting Director Bob Kaplan to ensure that the EPA has support for implementing its emergency order requiring the state to act swiftly in restoring safe drinking water for Flint's residents, including replacing the city's dangerous lead pipes. Early on, we wrote to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy requesting a Flint investigation. Within a few days of that letter, the EPA announced it would investigate, including assessing the actions of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.
  • Our Chapter Executive Committee appointed a former member of the EPA's national Safe Drinking Water Advisory Council, Cyndi Roper, to be the Chapter's volunteer representative on safe drinking water issues. It's clear we need to strengthen federal safe drinking water laws so fewer people--especially those in older communities with aging infrastructure--are exposed to lead.
  • We have submitted comments to the EPA on a proposed new lead and copper drinking water rule and will continue to advocate for better laws and more infrastructure funding.
  • Chapter staff and volunteers participated in a massive protest at the governor's State of the State address and issued a public statement on the situation in Flint.
  • Our volunteer leaders met with the national president of Sierra Club, Aaron Mair, and came away with a strong commitment of support for Flint. President Mair also personally contributed $1,500 to help organizing efforts in the city.
  • Our local Nepessing Group of Flint area volunteers has conducted public presentations explaining the Flint situation, distributing water and finding ways to recycle many single-use plastic bottles.

Our focus is on helping the people of Flint and holding the Snyder administration accountable for restoring safe drinking water to this struggling community. 


Gail Philbin, Director
Sierra Club Michigan Chapter
Twitter: @MichiganSierra