Feb 13, 2014

Tell your Lawmakers, No More Tax Breaks for Oil and Gas Drillers

The Michigan Legislature is at it again!

This time they are considering legislation that would give oil and gas companies tax breaks for "enhanced oil recovery operations" as well as new powers to construct pipelines on private property over the objections of Michigan landowners. This proposed handout to the oil and gas industry not only gives them an unneeded tax break, but encourages drilling activities that threaten our Great Lakes system. Click here to send a message to your lawmakers opposing this proposal.

The recent expansion of oil and tar sands pipelines in Michigan has led to many private landowners being subjected to pipeline construction within a few yards of their homes or businesses with effectively no say over the location or design of these pipelines. These bills would do the same thing for pipelines designed to transport carbon dioxide for “enhanced oil recovery operations.” Giving companies more ability to take private property for the transportation of fossil fuels and pipeline development is the wrong decision for Michigan, for clean water, and for land owners.

We need your help to stop this corporate handout for oil and gas drillers! 

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