Apr 9, 2014

Host an Earth Day Gasland II screening party

Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox
Dear Friends,

I’ve been to hundreds of screenings of Gasland and Gasland Part II all over the world and even though I’m very proud of the films, watching them is never my favorite part. My favorite part, and the reason we’ve toured so extensively with both films, is what happens right after the credits roll.

People start talking to each other. And that talking leads to action.

This Earth Day, we want you to bring your community together to watch Gasland Part II.

Sign up to host an Earth Day House Party on April 22nd here, or email us screenings@gaslandthemovie.com to host a community screening at a local venue.

Something incredible happens when you get folks together to see the film with you. Together you get to see and experience what fracking could mean to your community, and then together you’ll get to talk and plan about what your community can do.

I’ll even help get the conversation started. I’m going to host a conference call on Earth Day to talk about the anti-fracking movement and our new campaign to transition to 100% renewable energy.

If we do this right, we’ll do more than just stop fracking and switch to safer forms of energy, we’ll build stronger, more democratic communities.

Please join me and sign up to host a Gasland Part II Earth Day House Party.

Hosting a house party is easy. We’ll send you a screening guide and all the information you need to join the call. All you need to do is invite over a few friends and get the DVD.

If you’d like to host a community screening at a local venue instead of your home, send us an email at screenings@gaslandthemovie.com and we’ll help you set that up.

The most important thing isn’t where you watch the film; it’s who you watch it with, and what you talk about afterwards.

And I know I can’t wait to talk with you.

Thanks for everything,


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