Jun 1, 2014

Call Now on Dangerous Industrial By-Product Bills Up for Vote in MI Senate!

Michigan Chapter Update

Last week the Michigan Senate Natural Resources Committee approved House Bills 5400-5402 which will expand the reuse of coal ash and other potentially hazardous industrial byproducts.  These dangerous materials would be used as construction fill, foundational material for roads, or soil conditioner for farm fields!  This could result in heavy metals and other contaminants leaching into the surrounding soil and ground water.  This is absolutely unacceptable for Michigan where we depend on a thriving outdoor recreation and tourism industry, not to mention our responsibility as stewards to one-fifth of the world's fresh water. 

Please call your State Senator today and tell them that this legislation is bad for Michigan and tell them to vote NO on House Bills 5400-5402You can find your legislator's contact info here.

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