Jun 15, 2014

Tell Your Legislators: Don't Silence Michigan Voters!

Michigan Chapter Update

Last year, in a highly politicized move, Michigan enacted a wolf hunt after the legislature gave power to designate game species,the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) appointed by Gov. Snyder. The NRC decisions on game designations can't be appealed or challenged, meaning Michigan voters have lost their voice in challenging whether or not a species can be hunted in Michigan.

This summer, the Michigan legislature will review a new citizen's initiative which could further solidify this change. A citizen's initiative can either be approved by the legislature or sent to the November ballot where voters will get to decide. The Sierra Club needs your help to urge lawmakers to let this go to the ballot and let the people of Michigan decide these critical natural resource issues.

Give your state lawmakers a call today! Let them know Michigan citizens deserve to have a vote on designating game species and you want them to put this on the November election ballot. Here is where you can find your State RepresentativeState Senator, and their office phone numbers.

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