Apr 14, 2015

Tell Legislators: Protect Our Water From Fracking!


Tell Legislators: Protect Our Water From Fracking!

Stop Fracking with our Water

Fracking is a growing practice used in drilling for natural gas that threatens Michigan's water and air.Fracking has caused thousands of incidents of environmental contamination across the country.

Michigan can't afford to get this one wrong. Half of Michigan residents get their drinking water from groundwater wells.  Tens of billions of dollars a year are pumped into the economy by water-dependent industries like fishing, boating and tourism, and countless jobs would be lost if our waters were contaminated.

Even though fracking practices have evolved significantly and become much more dangerous, our laws and safeguards have failed to keep up. As stewards of one-fifth of the world’s fresh surface water, we must act to protect its water resources and our Pure Michigan legacy.

Urge your State legislators to pass legislation to stop fracking and to update our weak environmental protections!


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  1. All Sierra Club members, PLEASE join us in collecting signatures toward the ballot proposal and a BAN on horizontal fracking and frack waste injection in Michigan! We are doing very well, but we really need YOU to join us in collecting signatures. Go to Let's Ban Fracking in Michigan, org (no spaces) and become part of your area's volunteers. It's fun and it's HUGELY IMPORTANT that we get this on the ballot in November 2016. And we have only 8 more weeks to collect the rest of the signatures we need. We are in overdrive! Please join us and help make this happen!