Feb 27, 2016

Demand Clean Power Now!

First they poison the water. Next is the air.
The failures of Governor Snyder and the state government  to protect Flint residents from the poisoning of their drinking water have been well documented.
After systematically deconstructing local government, which allowed the poisoning of Flint's drinking water, Governor Snyder's next priority is to allow corporate polluters to continue releasing toxins into our air.
Despite promising to go forward with a Michigan plan that would comply with the EPA's Clean Power Plan, Gov. Snyder has backed down from that commitment. Last week, he announced that Michigan would no longer develop rules for power production that would save lives, curb air pollution, and help Michigan become a leader in the new clean energy economy.

3 Ways to Take Action
1. Join us for a phone bank Friday, Feb. 26th at 12:00pm at the Detroit MU Office (4405 Wesson St., Detroit). We will be helping Michigan residents get their voices heard on this issue. Please contact Dorthea (dorthea@miunited.org) with questions.
2. Contact Gov. Snyder yourself to let him know Michigan should be putting its people and environment ahead of corporate interests. Click hereto find out how.
3. Join us at our rally in Lansing on Monday, Feb. 29thThe rally was supposed to be today, but was rescheduled due to the snow storm. Click hereto register and for more information.
"Demand Clean Power Now!" Rally Rescheduled
We had planned a rally on the steps of the state Capitol building to keep pressure on Gov. Snyder to go forward with the CPP. Unfortunately, the rally had to be postponed due to the weather has closing many state buildings and making travel hazardous.
The rally has been rescheduled for Monday, Feb. 29th. 
Click here to join us and for more information.

Tell Gov. Snyder: Climate Can't Wait!
Click here to call and/or email Gov. Snyder demanding that he protects public health and begins to address the continued poisoning of his state.
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