May 18, 2016

Join Flint residents in Lansing on May 19th and tell our elected officials to pay to fix Flint!

In the next few weeks, legislators in Lansing will decide how much money will be allocated to Flint to address the water crisis. They will decide whether emergency supplemental funds should be moved to Flint now or not. They will decide how much money our children deserve for education and nutrition. They will decide whether the State of Michigan will help Flint residents have a healthy and safe future. But far too many of them think the "Flint issue" has blown over. 

We know it has not. For over two years Flint residents have had tainted water flowing through our taps. There’s no clear timeline for when we'll be able to safely use the water.

Mothers were told the water was safe to drink for the kids. There have been incidents of seizures, miscarriages, cognitive and behavioral problems, all for drinking water we were told was safe. 

People are still reporting skin rashes and hair loss when they wash their hands in the water or bathe. People have to wake up every day and figure out how they are going to drink, cook, and bathe often with bottled water. No one should have to go through this simply to have safe water. 

Our elected leaders must step up to fix this problem. They need to hear from us! Join Flint residents in Lansing on Thursday, May 19th to have our voices heard. 

People across the state are joining us to tell the legislature to fix Flint! We've received over 5,000 support letters from voters in over 40 districts in Michigan telling their representative to pay up to fix Flint! 

Agenda, Thursday May 19th 

7:45am: Flint car pool from the old K-Mart on Miller Rd and S. Ballenger Hwy in Flint. 

9:00am: Meet at Clean Water Action offices (2722 E Michigan Ave Suite 201, Lansing MI 48912) for breakfast and lobby visit preparation.

10:00am: Visit legislators offices to deliver support letters from voters in their district and tell them the real story of what the water crisis is like in Flint.

Noon: Press conference and rally on the Capitol lawn with Flint residents.

1:00pm: Prayer vigil for Flint in the Capitol Rotunda 

2:00pm: Head back to Flint. 

We need solidarity from across the state, so please join Flint residents in Lansing on May 19th and tell our elected officials to pay to fix Flint!  

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